It is because of the vital support provided by the State of Wisconsin, and by dedicated members and donors, that the Society has been able to collect, preserve and share the priceless evidence of the past since 1846. Your membership or donation ensures that our stories, and those of our ancestors, are told for generations to come.

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The State of Wisconsin provides sixty percent of the Wisconsin Historical Society’s annual budget. Society programs depend on essential gifts, grants and earned income for the remaining forty percent. Your membership and additional donations help to close the funding gap and sustain the programs and services that benefit three million people each year and who rely on the Society each year as their trusted connection to history.

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  • Make available one of the top five genealogical centers in the nation
  • Deliver innovative approaches in history education to teachers, students and history lovers
  • Offer engaging ways to experience Wisconsin history firsthand to over 300,000 visitors each year at 12 historic sites and museums
  • Support public and private efforts to protect Wisconsin's distinctive historic places
  • Acquire, conserve and share the largest collection dedicated to North American history outside of the Library of Congress
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  • Make many of these collections and services available both online and in person

We are committed to making the most efficient use of your membership and donations. Please contact us at 888-748-7479 or by email with any questions.

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  • Free admission* to 12 historic sites and
    museums during regular operating hours
  • 5-issue subscription to the Wisconsin
    Magazine of History—now also available
    as an e-publication on your computer,
    tablet or smartphone (excludes History
    Explorer level)
  • 2 one-time use historic site guest
    to bring a friend or family
    member along
  • 10% discount on all Society special
    events, webinars, workshops and
    conferences (including the annual Local
    History-Historic Preservation Conference)
  • centos7搭建shadowsock on books, historic image
    prints, genealogical records and more
  • One year of Columns, the Society's
    informative and colorful print
    newsletter—available in print and online
  • Invitations to exclusive member
    throughout the state
  • A subscription to the Society's Weekly
    with news, events and
    fascinating facts

    *Does not include ticketed events or group/ school tours. Boat trip ticket to visit Black Point Estate purchased separately.










X 1 Adult 2 Great for a household with one or two adults!

History Explorer

Not included 2 Adults,
Children Under 18
2 Great for a household that is looking to explore our historic sites and museums!

History Lover

X 2 Adults,
Children Under 18
2 BEST VALUE! Great for the household that wants it all. Free admission and the magazine!



Includes all History Lover benefits PLUS 2 additional historic site and museum guest passes and recognition in the annual report

History Ambassador ($500)

Includes all History Guardian benefits PLUS 2 additional historic site and museum guest passes, recognition in the annual report, invitations to special gatherings and VIP seating at the annual Local History and Historic Preservation Conference

Heritage Circle ($1,200+)

The Heritage Circle comprises members who give $1,200-$4,999 each year and the President's Council – members who give more than $5,000 annually. Heritage Circle membership includes all History Ambassador benefits PLUS:

  • Additional historic site and museum guest passes
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes tours
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President's Council ($5,000+)

Includes all Heritage Circle benefits PLUS even more exclusive-access opportunities!

  • Learn more about other ways to give


There are many ways to give to the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Tribute Gifts
Give a gift to the Society in honor or in memory of someone you care about. It's a thoughtful way to treasure family or friends, and to recognize an individual's life and accomplishments. To learn more about memorial or honorary gifts to the Society, please contact the membership office by email or phone at 608-261-1856.
Legacy Gifts
You can help ensure that future generations inherit our collective history by remembering the Society in your will, naming the Society as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, or establishing a life-income or other planned gift. In honor of your commitment we are pleased to recognize you as a distinguished member of the Robert B.L. Murphy Legacy Circle. To learn more about the various ways you can support the Society through gift planning, please visit wisconsinhistory.org/legacy or contact Julie Lussier by email or phone at 608-261-9587.
Employer Match
Make your gift go twice as far by having your company match it. Check with your HR department to find out if your gift is eligible to be matched. If your matching gift program requires a printed form, please complete the form and mail it to the Wisconsin Historical Foundation, PO Box 260050, Madison, WI 53726-0050 or fax it to 608-264-6542, attention Wisconsin Historical Foundation.
Business Partners
Discover how your company can partner with the Wisconsin Historical Society to present exciting exhibitions at the Society's sites and museums, preserve world-class collections, provide educational programming for schoolchildren, and more. To learn about Business Partner opportunities, please contact Julie Lussier by email or by phone at 608-261-9587.
Gifts of Stock
To support the Society with a gift of appreciated stock, please contact Ryan Stucki by email or phone at 608-261-9588. This allows us to give credit to the proper donor when the gift arrives. View Security Delivery Instructions.


Donate to the Collections
The Wisconsin Historical Society relies on the generosity of donors to help fulfill its mission of preserving the state's heritage for future generations. The Society's museum, library and archives will accept qualified donations of items and artifacts that represent the experiences of Wisconsinites from many backgrounds and time periods. Learn how to donate to the Museum collections or Library and Archives collections.
Bring history to life! Join a team of volunteers who come together in variety of capacities to collect, preserve, and share Wisconsin's stories. By volunteering your time you'll meet interesting people, have fun, and tell the story of Wisconsin while learning more about our state's colorful past. Learn about the Society's current volunteer opportunities.

The Wisconsin Historical Foundation (EIN 39-0921093), a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, receives grants and private contributions benefitting the Society and administers the membership program.

Enjoy all the benefits of membership while supporting an important cause.

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$65.00 Benefits

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$110.00 Benefits

$250.00 Benefits

$500.00 Benefits

$1,200.00 Benefits

$5,000.00 Benefits

I wish to give an additional contribution of: $
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Giving online is safe and secure. Simply fill out the form above to make your secure donation. A confirmation email will be sent when you complete your donation.

Want to mail in your donation instead? Print and complete this form (PDF, 674 KB) and then mail it with your payment to: Wisconsin Historical Foundation, PO Box 260050, Madison, WI 53726-0050.

To donate by phone, call us toll free at 1-888-748-7479. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm.

The Wisconsin Historical Foundation places a high priority on protecting your privacy. Visit this page to read more about our privacy policy.

Thank you for your support!



Do you have questions about donating or becoming a member? We're here to help!

  • Call our toll-free membership line Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm at
  • Email the membership office

© 1996-2017 Wisconsin Historical Society, PO Box 260050, Madison, WI 53726-0050

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